What is Backlight.org?

What inspires you? Backlight.org is an online treasure chest for the creative, meaningful part of your life. Add your original creations (writings, photos, art, film, or songs) and inspiring found-objects (links, old emails, articles, other people’s videos etc). Archive these things for yourself in one special place to create a life-box over time. More importantly, share them and their accompanying Backlights with others to help spread inspiration and meaning to your friends, fans, and people all over the world.

Why Backlight.org?

As our online and offline lives become more and more chaotic, as technology speeds up, as we’re Facebooking and Twittering rapid-fire into noisy oblivion, communication is becoming more superficial and meaningless. We need a space to reclaim real meaning in our lives. The Internet doesn’t have to be only endless chatter and noise. Web technology can be leveraged as a tool to create a more meaningful, worthwhile existence. Backlight.org aims to be the leader in this new direction, fostering the central hub of creativity and inspiration online.

What is a 'Backlight'?

The Backlight is the personal story behind something. Backlight stories are what give the site depth. When you create something in the world or find something meaningful, we want to know why. What inspired that creation? What experience, emotion, person, or place sparked you? What is the reason you are inspired by an article or a photograph you find? Behind every creation, there is an inspiration. Behind everything there is a Backlight.

Are you confused? We think you'll get the picture if you spend a few minutes exploring the site.

Get inspired!

The Backlight Team
Brad Wolfe, Chief Creativity Officer
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Brad graduated from Stanford University in 2002, and went on to have a successful music career in the Bay Area (bradwolfemusic.com). After losing a dear friend to cancer during college, Brad also started the Sunbeam Foundation, which is dedicated to research for rare and underfunded childhood bone cancers.

Brad's most recent creations:
Popcorn on the cob
No Sleep Tonight
No Sleep Tonight
I'm so hungry, if I was a lion...
I'm so hungry, if I was a lion...
Jonathan Lipps, Chief Creativity Technologist
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Jonathan graduated from Stanford University in 2004 with a BA and MA in Philosophy, and has worked as a freelance web developer since that time. Among his other projects that weren't for clients are Expenseus, the group expense management tool, and Books, a popular reading application for Facebook.

More importantly than all that stuff, Jonathan loves creating things. As you'll see if you visit his profile, he likes to play around in various artistic genres, but primarily music (he's in a band with his brother David called Splendour Hyaline), photography, and poetry. For that reason among others, he loves the idea behind Backlight and hopes that it encourages everyone to explore their creative side and inspire others!

Jonathan's most recent creations:
Idou, ho kosmos ēgerthē!
Idou, ho kosmos ēgerthē!
Sunset Beneath the World Trees
Radcliffe Camera at Night
Katie Bernacchi, Lead Designer
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Katie graduated from UCLA with a BA in Fine Art 1998. After leaving the “art world” and returning to the San Francisco Bay area, she founded a successful design agency Punctum Design. When she first heard the idea for Backlight.org, she jumped at the opportunity to be involved in a project that would bring the inspiration of the art world to the digital community.

Katie's most recent creations:
Chris' A.P. Life by Ed Owen
Chris' A.P. Life by Ed Owen
Found by:
Does It Inspire You?
Lately, I've been thinking about how the candy and snacks we eat are so delicious...but gross. Is there a way we might consider producing those same foods--the red vines, the twix, the popcorn-but make them from scratch? There seems to be a joy in creating something organically. This picture of popcorn on the cob gets to the essence of what I'm imagining.

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