Costa Rica Shore by Jonathan Lipps  
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David Lipps said: (on Jul 20, 2008)
The black sand is really cool.
Guy Marion said: (on Jul 21, 2008)
Costa Rica is like Bali- dominated by the power of the ocean
Chloe Pool said: (on Oct 28, 2008)
I spent 6 weeks in Costa Rica and feel like I learned more about life, the power of nature and the power of love (between friends, lovers, even strangers) than in any time in my life. This reminds me of this period of discovery.
Megan Whyte said: (on Feb 12, 2009)
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I spent a week on a remote beach in Costa Rica with some of my closest friends, and every afternoon these amazing thunderstorms would roll in and provide a powerful display.

This picture always reminds me of the power of nature and the power of close friendships and community that we experienced together in Costa Rica.
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