Without A Name by Brad Wolfe  
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Michael Laccabue said: (on Apr 27, 2009)
brad, this is amazing. it's such a beautiful song!
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Apr 27, 2009)
brad, i'm glad to hear a recording of this song! very powerful.
Caitlin Looney said: (on May 10, 2009)
Thanks for sharing.
Sean Duncan said: (on Jun 4, 2009)
this is great. I love the way you use your voice, especially where you say "where there is fire..."
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This is a song I wrote for someone close to me that I drifted apart from. I didn't want this distance--i felt there was enough of a spark between us to make it work. The song's feel and lyrical content was inspired by a special tattoo that i can't really discuss. But there was so much beautiful meaning and identity etched in that tattoo.

I recorded it as a birthday gift, and it may go on the new album. For some reason, I felt compelled to write it on the piano, even though I didn't know how to play piano before figuring this song out. I sang and played live on the recording in one take, and my friend Yair added the cello a bit after. I rarely (never?) do something in one take, so there was a certain significance there, too.

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