You by Jessica Kuras  
so we meet here again
beckoning me out of sleep
gently whispering, "get up...get up..."
you are radiant, glorious.
better than any cup of morning coffee,
stimulating my insides.
the birds sing, crow, chirp, peck, fluttter.
they, too, are up.
they, too, have heard, having been 
called from sleep.
they are up and so am i.
and the sun is shining so high, warming all the earth.
Poem · Added: May 12, 2009 · Views: 3570 · People Inspired: 4
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Jonathan Lipps said: (on May 12, 2009)
i really love this poem! makes me want to be up at sunrise every morning :-)
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I was aroused this morning by the faint light of dawn...and couldn't help but go to the hill at the end of street.

I took my bike, journal, and a couple of books and set out. The start to the day was beautiful, and I really enjoyed taking part in creation's morning symphony!
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