Radcliffe Camera at Night by Jonathan Lipps  
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Bob Lipps said: (on Jun 1, 2009)
Awesome Jonathan!
Susie Lipps said: (on Jun 1, 2009)
Love it!!
Brad Wolfe said: (on Jun 1, 2009)
very starry nightish=therefore my favorite
Jessica Kuras said: (on Jun 1, 2009)
i love this one...the night scene (still can't believe you primed it with black gesso!)...how the light is reflected through the windows...in a way, the painting seems to evoke a cold, dark, and mysterious night impregnated with anticipation...the street lamp perhaps communicating that as well...that light is tied to the light inside of the radcliffe camera...drawing the viewer (me) into the warmth and life that's taking place there....and wondering what is yet to come as the night is born!

this makes me want to paint with acrylics again and try a night scene!
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This weekend, I attempted a relatively ambitious painting project: I tried to paint something that I could hang on my wall. The ambitious nature becomes more clear when one realizes that the square inchage of all my previous paintings add up to about the same as that of the canvas I bought for this project.

I also decided to paint a non-abstract scene, one that would give me good feelings and also fit well with the primarily-black color scheme of my room. To this end I searched for inspiration in an album of photos I'd recently taken at Oxford, and came across a perfect night shot of the Radcliffe Camera. Apparently, I love the Radcliffe Camera (a building in the heart of Oxford which features in previous Backlight photo of mine).

Composing this scene was by far the hardest painting I've ever done (which honestly isn't saying very much yet), and it taxed my self-taught technique to its limits. While the result is not a realistic representation of what the original photograph captured, the emotion expressed is exactly what I was going for. This Oxford painting is now sitting happily on the wall between two bookshelves in my room!

It has been a very wonderful experience getting to know a new art form (painting) and a new art form genre (visual art) that stretches me, teaches me patience, and gives me a new medium for conveying ideas and emotion.
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