luna by Jocelyn Audelo  
Painting · Added: Oct 7, 2008 · Views: 2154 · People Inspired: 14
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Brad Wolfe said: (on Oct 7, 2008)
i love this...can i use this or something like this for a new album goes so well w/ is the style of art that i love best...i will commission you for a painting...

also, curious about how your dad was an inspiration for this piece?
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Oct 7, 2008)
once again, amazing!
Brad Wolfe said: (on Oct 7, 2008)
it's sweet your dad did that
Jessica Kuras said: (on Feb 17, 2009)
cool...i love the way things can naturally line up...
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Inspired by: Trees, Sky, Dad
always inspired by the (unnoticed) spaces between branches of trees - framing some amazing views, making some astonishing tiles/works of art. also big thanks to my dad, who used to roll us out of bed in the small hours to go look at the night sky.
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