Arbol de Piedra by Erin Weston  
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Jonathan Lipps said: (on Oct 11, 2008)
Wow, you can literally see the wind whipping the stone away, as if it hadn't taken thousands of years.
Benjamin Nelson said: (on Nov 20, 2008)
I was just at the Salt Flats a month ago. There is something deeply transforming about Bolivia, I'm still ringing from being struck by it. I like the lines in the photo, time cutting across space. Bella Bolivia.
Stacey Weston said: (on Nov 24, 2008)
I hadn't seen this picture before. I like how even though you know it's heavy and solid it looks like it will just tip over if the wind blows.
Erin Weston said: (on Mar 15, 2009)
Hey everyone! For those interested, I just found out they are going to use this pic in the 1st issue of a new magazine called Conspire. Check it out if you get a chance!!
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The "Stone Tree"

I spent 2 months in Bolivia after college to work in a home for girls who had been abandoned, orphaned, or abused. The trip changed my life and I grew to love the country of Bolivia for its natural beauty. For a short weekend vacation, I got to go see the salt flats, deserts, and lagoons of Uluru. This picture reminds me of its incredible beauty.
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