In The Coolness of the Day by Jessica Kuras  
In the coolness of the day, I seek you.
Walking hand-in-hand, I need you.
Feeling the damp shade, we walk.
We walk, and we walk on.
In silence, 
in conversation 
that create a rhythmic dialogue of 
healing and growth; away from things that entangle hearts, nurture havoc, that scorch the air.  

In the coolness of the day, I find solace with you.  
Step in every step, you help me.  
Turning sorrow into joy, we walk.
We walk and we walk on.
In silence,
in conversation
that weaves radiance between hearts, illuminates charity and allows the coolness to penetrate the heat, moving them forward in ways Unimaginable.

Poem · Added: Oct 12, 2008 · Views: 2834 · People Inspired: 2
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This morning I awoke and found my heart in a still and quiet place. It sought to walk with Abba in the coolness of the day. This poem was a morning prayer that I wrote.

A shape of the poem is attributed to George Herbert's Easter Wings. I have two stanzas that somewhat resemble wings to symbolize the two walking. George Herbert's poem emphasizes two wings and stress "imp[ing] my wing on Thine" while mine reflects perhaps the phase after: testing her own wings out and flying, knowing that He's flying next me on this path of growth.
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