Redwood Aluminum Guitar Amplifier by Dave Evans  
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Brad Wolfe said: (on Oct 15, 2008)
do you have any recordings from this amp...this is to hear the sound of homemade.
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Oct 16, 2008)
Dave, this is incredible. I remember seeing it while under construction and now definitely want to hear you play on it.
Giulio Gratta said: (on Apr 14, 2009)
Beautiful craftmanship and a perfect blend of usefulness and beauty
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Part sculpture, part sound machine, all wonderful. After I built a guitar from scratch, I decided I needed to create an amplifier that also reflected my handiwork and musical sensibilities. The entire amp, electronics and enclosure, was built by hand over the course of a month or two.

The amp itself is handwired from a kit known as the BrownNote D'Lite.

The wood enclosure is all new-growth (sustainably grown) curly/quilted redwood that was nicked from a hardware store. The solid hardwoods were purchased in long, consecutive boards that were originally milled for fencing, but the beauty of these pieces begged to be something more than siding. Because the boards are "consecutive," that is from the same part of the same tree, they can be bookmatched to give a mirrored appearance. Because the boards are long I was able to put them together in a way that allowed the grain and figure to run or "waterfall" over the entire cabinet for a very seamless look. All the joinery is dovetailed for strength and beauty in craft.

The grille was crafted from aluminum sheeting that is hexagonally perforated. I took one sheet and made a box out of it with sheetmetal equipment. I took another sheet and cut odd shapes out of it by hand, bending them into twists and turns and warping their forms to give them great 3-dimensionality and depth. Part cartoon and part Gehry, these shapes are meant to evoke a visual aesthetic of music - the jazz and funk that I play electrically - emanating from the amplifier. The layers in the sheets create visual cacophony and opacity from some angles, and very fluid and flowing shapes from others as the light strikes various portions of the sculpted grille.

All together this handbuilt amp is an attempt to marry the audible creation of music with a visual
expression of the same. The curl in the redwood reflects the waves and outbursts of the aluminum grille's forms, all in a traditional enclosure that still fits into a standard [squarish amp guitar] ecosystem.

As a central part of my handbuilt-by-me rig, it has come to embody much of my music in a physical form that appeals to a wider audience than its creator, which has been very satisfying.
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