heart ameba by Leigh Baxt  
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Brad Wolfe said: (on Oct 19, 2008)
This is simply amazing...nature is beautiful i guess down to it's most fundamental units...How do you take pictures of this stuff?
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Oct 20, 2008)
I want a lot more stuff from your microscope, Leigh!
Benjamin Nelson said: (on Nov 20, 2008)
It's fascinating how many ways and things a thing can be. Heart, antibody, the northern lights, an alien landscape, a pixel pattern, a topic of conversation. Science can be about asking "what is a thing", and never being satisfied with any one beautiful answer. Thanks for this unique and interesting perspective.
Ashley H. said: (on Feb 13, 2009)
Hahaha, this is definitely very cool.
Marisa Damele said: (on Jun 20, 2015)
This scientific photo is special because it has the shape of a heart. Once, while living in Denver, I got a collection of Scientific mags and I was fascinated with images of microscopes. There were photos of all different kinds of cells and bacterias and I cut the pages to fold my notebooks, some old books, boxes and I even made pen holders with cans covered with these photos. They looked like abstract paintings.
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Inspired by: Science, Life, Art, Color, Love
I spend a lot of time in lab doing microscopy- and I was taking pictures of amebas I had fluorescently labeled with some antibodies and I found this one that looked like a heart. I just thought it was a nice example of how science can be art and how creativity is vital in scientific research.
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