The Golden Gate at Sunset by Jonathan Lipps  
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Jessica Kuras said: (on Oct 23, 2008)
it looks as if it were a beautiful painting, jonathan! as for what emotions it triggers upon looking at it...i'll let you know...i need to sit with it first...
JEANNE CANNON said: (on Oct 23, 2008)
It looks awesome! I don't understand any of the technology talk, but the result is great.
Erin Weston said: (on Nov 6, 2008)
This pic looks so, I want to eat the grass it's so vibrant. It feels like something I would put on my wall to remind me of something real. It kind of evokes a sense of peace and uneasiness at the same time...the colors and the overall effects are beautiful, but I'm looking at it and my mind keeps bouncing back and forth about accepting this as a real photo. It is more like a painting as Jessica said...very cool.
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A while ago, I started noticing something called "HDR imaging" becoming more popular on photo sites like Flickr. I wasn't sure what this type of imaging was, but I was stunned by the dramatic and clear rendering of scenes that it provided.

Last week, after reading up on it and realizing that my little point-and-shoot digital camera wasn't so bad that it couldn't take HDR shots (as long as I got some decent tone-mapping software), I decided to go on a photo hunt. Luckily, some of the best subject matter is a mere 5 blocks from my house--San Francisco's Presidio, Crissy Field, Golden Gate Bridge, etc...

This photo is the result of three separate photos taken at different exposures, then merged and tone-mapped in my HDR software (I'm using FDRTools). There's a little noise, but otherwise I'm quite happy with it! I feel that it conveys exactly the sort of emotion I got looking at the scene--a warm, clear-skyed California sunset dripping with honey-colored saturation.

What do you think? What emotions does it trigger for you?

Anyway, this was my first foray into this type of digital photography, but I'm very excited to go on more photohunts and experiment further!

(PS: I got the term "photohunt" from a Flickr user whose name I've forgotten... but I thought it was a wonderful way to succinctly describe what happens when you take your camera outside in hopes of capturing something wild and beautiful)
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