Mvmt VI: The Sun Rises by Jonathan Lipps  
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Stephanie Curtis said: (on Oct 16, 2008)
This totally inspired me! Over the summer I wrote a song and I sort of had the same view as you. I remember saying to God that my night with Him wouldn't fall and the day wouldn't end. Our connection to Him and to each other is quite beautiful and I think you have wonderfully conveyed that in this song.
Sarah Colby said: (on Nov 23, 2008)
JT...This song always brings tears to my eyes. Tears of joy, longing, refreshment, sadness...I love it.
Susie Lipps said: (on Nov 24, 2008)
I agree... it brings tears to my eyes...our deepest hope, our deepest longing...fulfilled. Wow...
Dave Oltrogge said: (on Nov 25, 2008)
Neat song, Nieto! As you say, non- (or even anti-?) platonic. The soft grass hurts our unresurrected feet and the gentle rain goes through us like bullets.
Brad Wolfe said: (on Apr 16, 2009)
yo dude, you know i love this song...can't wait to hear it on guitar
Chalis Stefani said: (on May 27, 2009)
What a gorgeous song--i love your musicality in this...there is something pure and resolved and relieving about it, which to me, makes it fit perfectly with the sentiment of the lyrics. very cool!
Maura Rosenblit said: (on Jun 10, 2009)
this song is great, I listened to it on Brad's songs to light the night cd but had no idea it was yours. really interesting story!
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(lyrics below)

I once spent 6 weeks at a castle in the Austrian countryside called Schloss Mittersill, asking myself a lot of questions about my life and just generally trying to figure some stuff out. Since I'm an academic person, in my ample free time I continued to work through a series of works by historian N.T. Wright, on the origins of the people we call "Christians" and subsequent relevant questions about the thing or being we call "God".

A huge theme, as you might expect, for the first Jewish people who began to be identified as part of a separate sect or religion (later "Christianity"), was "Resurrection". We can see this in their emphasis on the resurrection of Jesus, but what struck me in reading Wright's intriguing (and for me refreshingly non-traditional) account of their worldviews was the holistic nature of this hope in "resurrection"--nothing less than the restoration of the whole world! Not some escape to a separate, immaterial and dirt-free Heaven, but the "making whole" of all of the broken bits of our already-very-good Earth, putting them back together into something rich, dirty, physical, and perfect.

No Platonic realm! A world very much like ours--but a world without sorrow and death, typified by the correct relation of humans to nature (a mutually beneficial, non-dominating relationship), and of humans to the God who was overjoyed to create a physical reality to begin with.

Anyway, his thoughts sparked my imagination in a profound way, and inspired me to dream about a restored, but physical and earthly, reality grounded in a hope like it seems the early Christians had. I wrote a seven-song concept album dealing with these themes, and called it "Suite Apocalyptique", somewhat tongue-in-cheekingly co-opting traditional religious "apocalyptic" language and pointing it instead in the direction of the dramatic restoration I found so inspiring.

This song was Movement VI of the work, and was recorded with pretty bad equipment in the chapel of the castle in which I was staying. But what it lacks in production quality, I believe it makes up for in the unique character of the sub-freezing, stone-in-winter reverb of the room. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and do check out the lyrics below!

I breathe at last, the work is done
Like shining glass, sea and sun
Are sharp and real, bright blades of love
Which grew to heal the wounds of

Night is over now
Night is over now
The sun is coming up

But don’t turn away from the flames
These brilliant rays annul our shame
The fire burns, but we stand
For which we yearn is in our hands

When we touch the earth, it sings rejoicing
For the day has dawned, and we have returned
To ourselves as we were meant to be
To the world as it has longed to be

I breathe at last, the work is done
The shadow passed, and life begun
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