The Morning Whisper by Jessica Kuras  
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Erin Weston said: (on Nov 10, 2008)
I love it when you literally "stop to smell the roses." I love the sound and smell of rain. This is such a beautiful shot and moment.
Lisa Reveland said: (on Apr 18, 2009)
How do you get photos like these!?!?!?
What camera do you use? Do you use any digital art programs?
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Inspired by: Tranquility, Rain, Roses
Last week, I headed out of my apartment and was captivated by the rain drops sliding, slipping, perhaps even posing on the petals of a young rose. I stood there engaged with the beauty of it, while the rain danced atop my umbrella. I held my breath and "heard" tranquility.

"I have to grab my camera," I told myself.

Thankfully, I was under my own self-imposed deadline, so I could be late to the library.
After rummaging through my closet for the camera, I dashed outside to enter serenity falling in the form of water droplets. The morning seemed to offer her placability to me for the usual haste, so I partook.
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