Sunrise over San Francisco by Susie Lipps  
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Jonathan Lipps said: (on Nov 10, 2008)
This is beautiful, Mom! So many colors...
Melissa Reyes said: (on Nov 10, 2008)
Incredible. Wow.
Rita Peterson said: (on Nov 14, 2008)
Those colors made me smile. You had to be fast with the camera to catch that one! We LOVED our time in San Francisco with you...mostly the YOU part!!!
Dave Oltrogge said: (on Dec 15, 2008)
A truly dramatic photo, Suz!
Michael Laccabue said: (on Jan 13, 2009)
David Phillips said: (on Jan 16, 2009)
It creates a sense of peace and calm
Maura Rosenblit said: (on Mar 25, 2009)
this picture is amazing, the colors are unreal. I'm sure this is moment you won't soon forget
Ahmed Younes said: (on Sep 2, 2009)
Heidi Spencer said: (on Dec 31, 2009)
I was looking for a reference photo for a painting when I ran across your beautiful photo. I needed to know how much detail to include in a backlit building. Your photo shows that there is some detail - it is not totally a sillouette. Thanks for sharing for the sake of the info and for the sake of the beauty of God's creation.
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We used to live in a tiny, one-bedroom place by the Ferry Building in the Financial District. It was more of a "pied-a-terre" than a home, but whenever I was there, I loved waking up every morning and going on the balcony to watch the sun come up over the Bay Bridge. This particular morning I saw the sunrise and it was stunningly, vibrantly beautiful...the colors of a sunset! I love the symbolism of a sunrise that is reminiscent of a sunset...the colors of a full day in one moment! Wow...
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