Ambiguity by Jonathan Lipps  
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David Lipps said: (on Nov 10, 2008)
I really love the colors in this.
Sarah Colby said: (on Nov 13, 2008)
I feel your pain. Painting is a medium in which I want to express myself but fail miserably...mostly for similar reasons as yours. I fear that I won't be able to do what I want to accomplish, so I never start. It's safe.

Congrats to you for taking an artistic risk. :) I like it. I feel what you're trying to communicate. I hope that the sun shines through the rain.
Jonny Jimison said: (on Nov 19, 2008)
For being uncomfortable with your medium, you definitely got your message across! I'm glad to hear you're a little less afraid of painting - I'd like to see more.
Gloria Lee said: (on Feb 22, 2009)
Simple, yet lovely and gets the message across. :)
Michelle Hobbs said: (on Mar 17, 2009)
So simple but says so much.
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I'm not really a painter. Apart from the fact that I've only attempted it 2 or 3 times in my life, painting strikes me in principle as a frustrating art form. I tend to create by playing with pre-made bits or modules and rearranging them quasi-randomly until something cool happens (whether it's chords, notes, words, phrases, BackBrite lights...). Something about the feeling of working within the confining nature of a grid or other structure makes me feel better, because options are limited. I can do the best with what's there, and there are no further expectations. Nobody will criticize my BackBrite art for not being photo-realistic, because it is the nature of BackBrite art that there are a finite number of potential works of art...and none of them are photo-realistic.

Painting, on the other hand, seems to me the opposite of that. In front of me is a blank canvas, with no grid, no guidelines, only a rectangle with an infinite coordinate space. Likewise, I am not limited in the number of colors I can use. Additionally, the permanence of a brushstroke seems to preclude the sort of playful, rearranging, and trial-by-error method with which I usually approach art. These things combine to frustrate me, because while in principle there is the possibility of fine detail in the position and shape of every stroke as well as in its color, in actuality I am severely limited by my lack of skill. My hand rarely traces the line I see in my head, and my intuitions about what paints combine to make certain colors are usually way off. In sum, painting is frustrating because in it there is no way to hide the fact that I am an amateur!

At the same time, and for that very reason, I wanted to spend some time painting this last weekend, precisely to express myself in some medium in which I was not skilled. My mind and heart are heavy at the moment with many thoughts about relationships and my future, and I wanted a new way to explore those emotions. This painting, which I am calling "Ambiguity", has a very obvious message: the light and the dark both exist in the same place; which will I choose? The ambiguity is heightened through depicting light and dark as natural elements, since both sunshine and rain are necessary and "good" in normal contexts.

All told, this is a simple and child-like expression of those emotions, but it is an expression nonetheless! It also helped to make me a tiny bit less afraid of painting.
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