The Silver Lining by Eve Peters  
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Jessica Marisol Perez said: (on Nov 17, 2008)
Eve - you are beautiful. I love this.
Jessica Marisol Perez said: (on Nov 17, 2008)
Sometimes we have to slow down to get to that to-do list that keeps getting pushed aside... This is on my list too...not check off yet, though....
Kate Richardson said: (on Nov 19, 2008)
E-V-E! I took this photo and i love it and you.
Jessica Marisol Perez said: (on Nov 19, 2008)
Oh I love it even more now that I know Kate took it :-)
Maura Rosenblit said: (on Mar 27, 2009)
this is a beautiful story Eve. I have know you for 2 maybe 3 years now and until a few weeks ago had never heard you sing or play guitar (how did I miss this?!?!). you are incredibility talented and you should know that! your voice is so beautiful, it moves to tears on the right song, an affirmation of the power of music and the beauty of your voice :) in dark places in our lives it is not always easy to look for that silver lining, but it's always there! I know it sounds cheesy but I do believe when one door shuts another opens, or a window opens... you get the point. and although I am sorry for your medical troubles I am happy that it brought you closer to a dream of yours, both tahoe trips it was a joy to hear you sing, I would kill for a voice like yours! love you!
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About a year ago, doctors finally figured out the reason I had spent the preceding six months with crippling and painful swelling in my left foot. But instead of giving me hope that I’d get better, the diagnosis brought me to a darker place. They said that I had an obscure kind of autoimmune related arthritis that had turned chronic, and that a variety of more serious and more painful problems were a significant possibility for my future. Two weeks later, the arthritis attacked the irises of my eyes, and the darkness I had experienced mentally became a real and tangible darkness that shrouded my vision. Unable to see well enough to read or even get around comfortably, I stopped out from work and started fretting. The only way I could figure out to fill the worried hours of my newfound and unwanted free time was with my guitar.

This isn’t a story about how out of hardship came a magnificent musical talent. In fact, I couldn’t really play at all back then, and am probably only at an intermediate level now. This is, however, a story about how out of a dark place came a good thing. If I hadn’t been forced to stay home for weeks, sick and with nothing else to do, I would never have made that small yet significant breakthrough with the guitar. And being able to play – even at a pretty mediocre level – has brought me so much joy. It was always a little dream of mine just to be good enough to bring it out and sing around a campfire, but I could never seem to find the time to learn between the pull of work, activities, and social life. Then, in the worst of circumstances, I was forced to.

Learning to play the guitar not only lifted my spirits in my darkest hour, but now continues to uplift me, my friends, and my family, in all of our bad times. To me, this is a perfect reminder that sometimes the best things emerge from our worst experiences.
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