Duke Cathedral Organ by Jonathan Lipps  
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Jennifer Sensendorf said: (on Feb 25, 2009)
This is a truly amazing HDR.
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I spent a week with my brother David in North Carolina recently, and one day he took me on a tour of Duke University's campus. He's a law student there and it was cool to see a lot of places that were important or enjoyable to him.

I was really impressed with Duke's architecture, especially the cathedral in the center of campus. Inside, there's a beautiful organ the observation of which added greatly to our brief 2-minute visit. I wanted to attempt an HDR shot to capture the dramatic lighting and the glossy reflection of the organ, and I think it turned out well! It's from 3 exposures, merged in FDRTools and touched up in Aperture.

To me the interplay of the light and darkness is pretty profound in this shot, as well as the purple tint of the stained glass on the far wall. More importantly, this photo will always remind me of a fun week spent with my brother!
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