untitled by Jessica Kuras  
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Brad Wolfe said: (on Dec 11, 2008)
yay sketches...during school...the best kind...there should be a whole section devoted to school sketches!!!
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Dec 11, 2008)
In this sketch I see a robo-waiter with spoons sticking out of his metal head :-)
Jessica Kuras said: (on Dec 11, 2008)
you mean my wonderful lamp next to the floating cake, tea kettle and mug?? :)
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There's not much of a story here, except that sometimes when I listen to lectures, I illustrate. I find it actually helps me pay attention for some weird reason. I'm sure an observer would arrive at that same conclusion.

When I sketched this, I was in my history of science class, as I'm sure this was quite evident by the illustration. I think the very first thing I drew was the rectangular prism in the bottom right corner...so maybe that's the (strettttched) link? Dimensional, mathematical...'scientific-ish'.

When I illustrate, I want to hop into that world that's coming to life so fluidly before me. This untitled sketch evokes coziness, warmth, comfort, and peace in a fun, quirky dimension of its own kind to me.

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