In the Middle of a Dream by Brad Wolfe  
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Melissa Federoff said: (on Jul 23, 2008)
Hey did this end up on the radio?
Brad Wolfe said: (on Jul 27, 2008)
Brad Wolfe said: (on Jul 27, 2008)
Yes it did...thanks for your interest...though unfortunately it wasn't played on FM 95 as the lyric one pt. i actually considered singing different versions w/ different radio stations listed in the song, but that seemed very superfluous and odd ...In fact, now that i think about it, i'm not sure i even get FM 95 in SF...So i guess i haven't achieved my dream:)....I need to get this song on FM 95 stat.
Michael O'Neil said: (on Jul 29, 2008)
I really like the story that goes with this song Brad. The song is such a perfect response to a moment like that. I wish I had followed your music better for the last several years, because every song I know is somehow just bursting with hope, from the first one that I ever heard ("Not Today" - #5 most listened to in my itunes, btw) right on through to this one. I guess it's fitting that you would be involved in this hope-oriented web project now.
Melissa Rapp said: (on Aug 4, 2008)
Definitely! You can't let negative comments get you down...especially in the beginning of your artistic career, and especially in the music industry. :) Passion and drive go a LONG way in end!
Jeremy Hermsmeyer said: (on Aug 20, 2008)
I'll never forget the night I saw my best friend since 2nd grade headline at the Great American Music Hall. You're an inspiration to us all, my snuggly broseph!
Jay-Marie Hill said: (on Dec 5, 2008)
This song is really great. Like, really. Dont stop putting yourself out there with your creations. One day you'll break through that opposition. That guy is an idiot for saying you don't have true talent. Forget him. Do you.
Margaret Jow said: (on Dec 16, 2008)
Ever since I first heard this song, I've kept it on my iPod so that every time my job got to me, I'd listen to it and wait for the line '...tell the boss I quit, I'm movin' back to LA...' and then I'd totally crack myself up, because while I never seriously considered quitting, I knew I always COULD tell the boss I quit, that in reality I could go and do anything at all, at any time.
Connor McIntyre said: (on Feb 8, 2009)
This song is amazing brad. I've come to the point in my life where I have to decide exactly what path I want to take. The one I chose leads me towards a profession which isn't known as the easy. I've had people constantly tell me that I'm throwing away my life by wanting to filmmaker, these people have always told me that they won't accept me. My response to this, a response I was taught by a predominant filmmaker, is that there is no they. Nobody can tell me what I can and cannot do, it's up to me how my life ends up, and nobody else controls it. I've lived my life with this mentality and I hope that it serves me well in the future.
Winter said: (on Mar 24, 2009)
I love this song because I have had people tell me I would never make it in art and film. Follow your dreams!!!
Maura Rosenblit said: (on Mar 25, 2009)
this is a great story, it's amazing how motivating a negative comment can be. I think if you're a strong person you use that to fuel the fire and not let it deter you from what you want, always follow your heart and your dreams!
Kristyn said: (on May 7, 2009)
Kristyn said: (on May 7, 2009)
I didn't mean to type "B"... I meant to type that I love this song and it makes me smile every time it pops up on my iPod's shuffle mode... and frankly, my iPod loves throwing you into the shuffle mode. So does Jenny's. Weird.
Winter said: (on Sep 8, 2009)
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"Goodbye Friend, you'll hear from me again. FM 95 on your drive home."

I wrote this song after a music producer I was working with told me that all I had was passion and a big heart, but not enough true talent to make it in music. This was a harsh blow at the time, but you know what? Screw that. I wrote this song about following my dreams, playing music, and having no regrets. Forget the desk job. Forget the haters. He even ended up producing this song, but doesn't know that he was the one that inspired it...And I bet he doesn't even know that IT WAS ON THE RADIO. Maybe he'll read this. No matter...Inspiration can come from all sorts of places. I'm still in the middle of my dream.
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