Hand in Hand (live) by Brad Wolfe  
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Melissa Reyes said: (on Sep 30, 2008)
I'm mildly obsessed with this song.
Tim@timothydaniel.com said: (on Dec 6, 2008)
A dynamic duo, indeed!
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"Alone I can only get so high"

This song came together during a period in my life when I came to a fuller understanding of Love's depth--the notion that a true partnership can give you a sense of strength in the world, a sense of freedom, a sense of wild calm. The power of two is immense (which is interesting considering what i will reveal later).

This is one of a few duets I wrote with the amazing Megan Slankard, and the first time I ever wrote lyrics for another voice. It's actually quite easy to write for her voice. Out of this project we developed a wonderful friendship and drank a lot of tea.

I also want to pay homage to my friend Chris Young, who developed the poetry concept of "fifteens"--5 lines of 3 syllables each...You'll notice that in the lines where Megan and i trade off...the lyric "hand in hand" is set apart nicely, since it's the 5th line...we (as a culture) tend to hear things in 2s or 4s more easily. 3s and 5s stand out and have a certain weight.

Anyway, this is from our only full performance of the song so far..at the wonderful Independent in San Francisco. The performance got quite intense, and I remember the audience jumping up and down as we neared the final build. Goose bumps.

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