Tall Grass by Brad Wolfe  
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Ida Vincent said: (on Jun 27, 2009)
What an amzingly beautiful song!
Hemant Chhabra said: (on Feb 3, 2011)
Adorable! :)
Michael Laccabue said: (on Jun 29, 2011)
This is still my favorite song of yours, Brad. I love the way you write and convey your emotion.
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This website wouldn't exist without Sara LaBoskey and without this song. Every time I play Tall Grass live I still get chills. I can only think somehow that my dear friend Sara is talking to me from wherever she is now. I wrote this song during college while Sara was sick battling a rare bone cancer, called Ewing's sarcoma. I found myself writing music for her and about her, and playing for her often in the hospital as a way to lift her spirits...at that time, music was just a hobby of mine, and it was one of only a few things that seemed to make Sara feel any better. I was blown away by the power of music.

We had a lot of intense talks back then about the meaning of life, and Sara encouraged me to live life to the fullest and pursue my music. I did. I also launched the Sunbeam Foundation with her family and friends, an organization that raises money to help beat the disease that took Sara.

And I also started thinking a lot about the concept of hope. What it is, how to get it. I concluded that hope often lies buried in our self-expression, in finding the subtle beauty in life and in sharing it. I concluded that I needed to find a way to help other people spread that hope, and create a place for people to express their creative, deeper selves. Backlight hopefully will become that place.

I decided to walk through the tall grass.
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