The O Factor by Jessica Kuras  
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Brad Wolfe said: (on Jan 23, 2009)
Amen...i'm here in DC for the inauguration, and i have to say, it's electric. Thank you Barack. And more importantly, thank you Americans, for wanting to believe in a loftier vision of what our country can be.
Jessica Kuras said: (on Jan 23, 2009)
totally! i loved the footage and realized what a historical day we were all apart of and the history we are living in from here on out...very very cool and inspiring!
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Inspired by: Obama
I am inspired by what one man, i.e. one (hu)man can do, in particular, one that plays fair, honors his rival(s), and can unite even our neighbors across the pond.

I am further in awe when I think that his father was an immigrant and overcame the odds of assimilating into a new culture, new country, and a new way of life.
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