Sunbeam Foundation by Brad Wolfe  
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Gloria Lee said: (on Feb 13, 2009)
lovely. :)
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After my friend Sara passed away from cancer at the age of 21, everything changed for me...She inspired me to launch a music career, and perhaps more importantly, to want to use any proceeds from my music to help find a cure for the rare cancer that she had--Ewing's Sarcoma.

I looked into organizations that dealt w/ her disease, and I didn't really find any...especially that dealt with rare and underfunded cancers like Sara's...So it became an almost obvious decision. We had to start one. With Sara's family and friends involved, we launched the Sunbeam Foundation, with a mission to fight rare and underfunded cancers and to spread hope.

The foundation is grass roots and infused w/ love. We've been able to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support cutting edge research...

And the idea of spreading hope, thinking about that, and realized that it was the story of Sara that drew people toward my music, taught me that behind every creation, behind every careThis org, led to this org. Help us fight rare and underfunded childhood cancer, give hope to those who need it.
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