Follow Me Into The Dark by Brad Wolfe  
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Jessica Kuras said: (on Feb 4, 2009)
duck could start a revolution.
Peter Wolf said: (on Feb 4, 2009)
They told me they were curious what YOU were doing up at that hour! Ordinarily, they're moored at the duck blind, in their third REM cycle. But, no hard feelings. Quack.
Kristyn said: (on Feb 4, 2009)
Awesome picture! The caption is totally perfect for it, too. Keep on quackin =)
JR Woodward said: (on Feb 4, 2009)
Great story, I love how the eyes stand out.
Louis Eisenberg said: (on Feb 4, 2009)
Gloria Lee said: (on Feb 23, 2009)
i like this. :)
i have a story to tell you! no picture yet for a creation (maybe i'll take one soon).
so at UCD, we have the arboretum, and i like to go there to just sit and watch the water and ducks and trees.. etc. one day, i saw a male and female mallard. the female went out of the water and searched for food, i assume, for about 5 minutes. the whole time, the male stayed in the same area until the female went back into the water and they both swam away together.
i just thought, what if all humans were like this?
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Inspired by: Ducks, Faith, Trust, Darkness, Light, Hawaii
This photo came from my quest to uncover what was going on in the pond during the darkness of night. To my delight, these two ducks appeared.

How do we know where we're going? How can we see in the dark? Maybe we should just follow something or someone and discover where it faith.
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