maternal glow by Megan Whyte  
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Susie Lipps said: (on Jun 22, 2009)
Beautiful picture and poignant story... there is hope!
Dragonapotheke said: (on Aug 24, 2016)
This is a photograph I took of my closest companion who wound up in the deplorable (and shockingly very normal) dilemma of being pregnant and alone. The photograph is intended to pass on both her desire for recovery and the calming reality of her circumstance. She named him Justice Hosea, and he is presently a fit as a fiddle 6-month-old child kid. Visit my site....
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Sid Menon said: (on Sep 22, 2016)
It's so true what they say, that a woman glows when she's pregnant. It's so much more than hormones, it's love! She's filled with this pure, beautiful, wonderful love.
Jerry Nordin said: (on Jan 23, 2017)
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This is a photo I took of my best friend who found herself in the unfortunate (and unfortunately all too common) predicament of being pregnant and alone. The photo is meant to convey both her hope for redemption and the sobering reality of her situation. She named him Justice Hosea, and he is now a perfectly healthy 6-month-old baby boy.

"I will heal their waywardness
and love them freely."
-Hosea 14:4
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