JUMP by Becca Vershbow  
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Benjamin Nelson said: (on Nov 21, 2008)
Great under line, water on the shore. The more I look the more I like. This is well worth your 3 hours. Quite a dynamic composition. Looks like jump's flying in, on the sunsrays, for, a quintessential beach scene, landing.
Alicia Esque said: (on Dec 15, 2008)
creative. it makes me smile!
Jeffrey Warnock said: (on Jan 15, 2009)
Always an amazing site to see...
Winter said: (on Mar 11, 2009)
This makes me happy. I love this photo :)
Marcy Hogan said: (on Mar 16, 2009)
Didn't even notice the word at first... that is so great. Love it. =)
Echozz said: (on Sep 2, 2009)
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Inspired by: Friendship, Jumping, Beach
my housemate Cedric loves taking pictures of people jumping. One hungover sunday, we went to the beach near our house with friends who were visiting and were inspired to start taking jumping photos. Soon we had created a mission, to spell out words mid-air with our bodies...and nothing was going to stop us. We spent the next 3 hours perfecting the image...using a timed digital camera and working tirelessly as a team until we got the exact image that we wanted. JUMP was the first of 4 very successful photos.
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