Budley by Becca Vershbow  
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Jeffrey Warnock said: (on Dec 17, 2008)
Nicely done Becca!
Sarah Colby said: (on Dec 19, 2008)
That's a beautiful painting. He has a kind face.
Margaret Travis said: (on Jan 3, 2009)
What a beautiful painting!
Mindy Wilson said: (on Aug 28, 2009)
Very nice, I really enjoy portraits...this makes me think of my own grandfather. I loved his voice. ;)
Deoclécio Da Silva said: (on Oct 6, 2011)
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Inspired by: Best Friend, Medium
Last year was my first year out of college. I had just moved to San Francisco and was working crazy hours and had no time to paint, which was bumming me out. Then my best friend Anna came to visit. She had been really involved in my art thesis from the year before (for which my school gave me no funding and I spent a ton on materials) and had been really proud of my work. When she visited, Anna had this leftover money for art supplies and, long story short, took me the store and bought me a set of oil paints as a reward for my thesis. It was such a beautiful gesture and inspired me to immediately pick up the paints and experiment. I'd been painting all of my life but had never worked with oils before. This is the first painting I made. It is a portrait of my grandfather, Bud, who is an incredibly inspirational figure in my life. I was so happy with it that I went on a portrait spree (which is still going) and have painted several more since. Although I could write forever about how much Budley has inspired me, the real inspiration for this piece was Anna and her incredible generosity and support of me as a fellow artist.
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