Debris by Sarah Woodward  
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Bria Long said: (on Apr 14, 2009)
this is beautiful! I love the spraypaint technique. It has so much depth.
Kezia Kamenetz said: (on Aug 11, 2009)
! How big is it? I want to see this stuff in real life where is it?
Sarah Woodward said: (on Aug 12, 2009)
it's in california, so you gotta come! it's the same size as the blue tree that's in my room. 4.5' X 6'
Yun Liang said: (on Dec 3, 2009)
sarah! I love your paintings!!!!
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The work is inspired by the piles of Gulf Coast debris left by Katrina, and the search for those special objects, possessions and memories amongst the wreckage. I think the art evokes imagery of water, smoke, aquatic life, and flight.
Similar to my blue tree, I made the drawing using spray paint to create amorphous shadows of sticks, leaves and string, and went back in with ink wash. The figures are made of one long piece of string.
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