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I return to you again.
Evermore unchanged.
My feelings still laced
With the addictive drug of indifference.
We share this small space.
Bodies intertwined.
Your hand rests heavy upon my hip,
The weight of your leg
Suffocating, over mine.
The nights stillness settles in.
I never ache for you,
I never long for you
I never desire you.
Still I return. A dog to his vomit.
Hearts threaded together,
most delicately.
Fused by years gone past,
shared growing pains,
and the terrifying possibilityof
Dying Alone. 
This is about hanging onto past relationships just because they are comfortable, and easy, and secure. This is about my ex-boyfriend that I have dated off-and-on since I was in middle school We grew up together, and we always assumed we would get married. However, I realized a few years back, that we have both changed too much. Grown apart. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I could never marry him. But still the internal battle remains. Everytime I am lonely or my heart is broken by someone new, I have to fight the deep desire to sprint back into his comfortably open arms.

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