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girl in hopeful perspective
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I painted this yesterday (Valentine's Day) with hope in my heart, but at the same time, if I'm honest with myself, some anxious translucent clouds in the far distant sky. In any relationship, the further ones goes with another, the more vulnerability is required. The more vulnerability there is, the higher the risk of being hurt. The higher the risk of being hurt, the more this little heart of mine can pull away, finding herself in a downward spiral of nonsense! I have done a good share of pulling away and building walls to protect this little girl inside, and overtime, I have learned to let those walls fall, let myself be, and enjoy the fresh air outside.

I am dating a wonderful fellow with whom I shared a lovely yesterday. While we painted the afternoon away, I found myself standing at the meeting point of where beach meets water, where desert meets life. The clouds behind me were nothing but wisps of nothingness, having an almost playful element in the summer day. I felt warmth on my feet as I gazed out on the sea with a hopeful, more lighthearted, perspective.

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