Inspired by: Sorrow
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Inspired by:Flowers, Love, Angst, Sorrow, Joy, Beauty, Pain
I've recently been messing around with new software for editing photos...and so I've been going on some nature walks as of late.

This flower stuck out to me because at first glance, it was delicate and exhibited the Fibonacci Sequence. The flower represented free beauty, organically growing, yet structured and orderly...displaying universal laws without its knowledge. It just is and does and lives. Exists.

Developing this photo, I messed around with the lighting and liked at where I arrived: displaying two layers...two different dimensions living in the same 'place.' Here it looks as if the flower is not a part of scene, perhaps just laid on top or digitally added. It looks as if the background isn't apart of the flower's world and the flower isn't apart of the background's world. In fact, though, as I'm sure you realize, they exist in the same realm.

This symbolizes for me that beauty and pain, love and angst, sorrow and joy, or other two thoughts or feelings can coexist. They don't belong to two separate realms but to one. ...And in that...there is the true beauty.

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