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Exploration: Mother and Child
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I've been getting to know this mother and daughter more, and it's been cool to observe their far, it seems honest, alive, fruitful, symbiotic...all elements that stand out to me in this new arrangement of them.

Whatever style this growing on me. At first, I was just fascinated in the editing process because I discovered a new tool that allowed me to do this. Yet, when I came near (what felt like) completion with it, I stood back and gazed at the picture. I appreciated how this new arrangement ...a mother and coming from the other...was enhanced. The layers of relationships were fun to see in this "new" photo.

(Note: Once this creation was made, I also appreciated it for what it was! A collage where things are naturally highlighted...the people talking in the back of the cafe...the drunk coffee, the ring, the daughter's earring...all telling stories that because of the repetition and arrangement, my eyes noticed the little intricacies more.)

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