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girl in hopeful perspective
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Inspired by:Jonathan, Jessica
This makes me laugh. In a way, I guess it's an accidental self-portrait with a little bit of Jonathan mixed in.

The original picture includes both of us (having dinner at a brewery), and I like it! So I was making some slight enhancements to the photo, when I wanted to apply a new technique that I stumbled upon.

The result is this. It makes me chuckle because I created it randomly and in pieces, yet the result appears to be coherent. I guess I consider it a "self-portrait" because it seems that while there are two people in the picture, the girl seems to know exactly what she's doing (nudging him out of the photo). It appears the girl finds this humorous.

(Note: as the being the creator of this photo and also being the girl, I find it all the more humorous because this was not my intent! So it appears I have a "twin" and the twin is also laughing at me!)

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