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Sunset Beneath the World Trees
glossy dreams
glossy dreams
Radcliffe Camera at Night
Above and Below
Paint Kisss
Red Mountains
Model Austere
Ha le lo ya
Water and Sky
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Robert Henry said: (on Apr 16, 2009)
One of the best ways to express yourself and your feelings.
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A few days ago, Jessica and I spent a night with our friends Jocelyn and Raúl. Their apartment is an interesting work of art, with Raúl's Aztec-inspired paintings covering the walls, and colorful canvases hiding in the corners.

After a wonderful dinner, we broke out fresh supplies and wine and had a painting party, listening to music, exploring and experimenting with our canvases.

I didn't have any specific idea of what to paint when I began, and was encouraged by the others just to start putting paint on the canvas. Soon I had thick arcs of yellow, red, and black that looked a bit like a sunset. I then wondered to myself, what if the arcs of color weren't sunset gradients, but actually the boughs of immensely large trees? What if space, rather than being outside the Earth and containing it, actually grew from the Earth like a tree from a seed?

Excited about finding something new in what I'd been doing, I went with that direction, and here is the result--the different levels of sunset fold back into the roots of the Earth. What do you see in it?

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