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What Was and What Is..What Will Be?
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I took this photo last summer while visiting Germany. I had a half day before meeting up with Jonathan in Munich, and because I was so close to Dachau, I had to go. I felt as though I needed to respect the lives that were enslaved there, either for one day or for the 12 years that it was open. I wasn't looking forward to going, even though I had "enjoyed" studying the Holocaust as a child. (In 6th grade, I think I read every book about it in my library...)

The moment I stepped through the gate will be a moment I'll take with me in time. I've never experienced something where the feelings of desolation, deprivation, tragedy, and sorrow are still so thick in the air....decades later. It was hard to breathe.

This photo is of the crematorium's chimney and modern day contrails that aligned just 'perfectly' to create a very thought provoking moment for me. I had finished my tour and was taking some time outside to let the past sink in as much as possible. I tried to grasp the unfathomable events that took place there and felt the tension where my mind just couldn't. During my moments of contemplation and wrestling, I looked up in the sky and saw the chimney and "smoke." I knew they were just contrails, but it made me reflect deeper about the issues of we know what's really going on in some places? Are we aware enough to not let history happen again? What about Darfur? What am I doing?

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