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The Person I Want to Be
The Person I Want to Be
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Sunday breakfast
Sunday breakfast
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As embarrassing as it is, I sat down and was revising my profile on Facebook. I was thinking about things I like to do, things I like in general, books, music, movies etc. Then I came to the Bio section. I thought about what I could write there. I think what would normally go in there would be a section of who I am, what makes me me, maybe some of what I've done, experiences I've had, you know- me. This made me think about who I really am and who I want to be. I ended up thinking about it a long time (way longer then I really should have) and then left it blank.

However, if I were going to write a Bio I wouldn't be very concerned with who I am. I say this because who I am is not who I want to be and to write who I am would be almost to define myself by certain definitions that I hope change. To accept a box that I myself put me in. This is what defines who I am. This is my bio.

Instead what I want is to define who I want to be. Who I could be. Now I know this is idealistic and even romantic of me because if I'm honest defining who I am is rather simple. The box doesn't change that often. However, if I were going to write a few statements of who I want to be this is how it would go:

I want to be the type of person who isn't the same person she was yesterday. That every day I would grow- not just in what I do but become a better human.

I want to be the type of person, who is nobody, but makes everyone feel like they are somebody.

I want to be the type of person who chooses to do what needs to be done rather then what they want to do.

I want to be the type of person who literally lives for others.

I want to be the type of person that constantly is searching her heart for things that get between her and her beliefs and is humble enough to get rid of it.

I want to be the type of person who believes that she can change the world and isn't afraid to go out and do it.

I want to be type of person that lives every single day for God and not for myself.

I want to be idealistic and romantic and have enough gull and determination for those ideals and romances to become a reality.

In short this is just a part of who I hope to become. My hope is that by wanting to be, that maybe in a way I am.

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