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I took my first ever Fine Arts class tonight, and for that matter, any kind of art class. I didn't know how I was going to like it since I value just creating from one's own "talents," if you will. However, I do really enjoy the Arts and thought it couldn't hurt to gather more tools and go to a new depth. After all, there is so much to learn and reflect upon that there are vocations in these areas! I digress...the Arts need to be recognized not as a mere profession but a means to expression by anyone. Everyone needs to realize that they can create! :-) I do think it's in our "DNA," if you will, since we're a part of humanity in some fashion. There is some driving force behind life for life to exist and to have meaning. Because of that, I really do believe there is something deep inside each of us that needs to be recognized. This, of course, can be played out in different mediums, and even outside the traditional "Arts." Science is an art, math is an art, music, painting, sculpting, writing...they are all a part of art because art is about creating, expressing, sharing, and more! I realize this backlight isn't a I will return to the matter at hand.

The backlight. This drawing explores different values. (A term I learned today to describe light and dark...perhaps you knew already!) Because this is a class about the abstract, we were supposed to create something "abstract." Of course, the directions were a little vague, and because I'm part left brain, I didn't know exactly what to do with vague instructions when I'm really want to succeed "well." How do I make a tree branch "abstract?" It's beautiful the way it is. When I tried to make something abstract, the drawing was awful. When I didn't, it actually had a unique flavor that I appreciated. This piece explores humanity through filters we view things through. The subject is seen with some type of "screen" over him, to signify that we, the viewer, will see him through our own lens both inherently (because we each view the world through our unique perception) and intentionally (we know what worldviews, frameworks, etc. we do view things through and continue to see the world through those). The subject will, in turn, have his own filters to view the viewer through. The result is that we see each other, but we also don't "see" each other. One thing to highlight that I appreciate about this piece is that people can break free their perceptions and not be ruled by a world of filters either! Perhaps...just perhaps...there could be a world that exist where people do see each other...are known. You'll see in the upper left hand corner...the subject is in front on the layer. This is to symbolize freedom that is found.

(One note to add: the eye is my fingerprint...playing on our humanity...that we have eyes but we don't always "see" with them...and also that we have some sort of external life within us. That is my fingerprint, not the person's. I created the person, not he. Likewise, what "fingerprints" from life do we have? Do we?)

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