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My Recycled Skirt
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I had this beautiful skirt from Anthropologie that was too big and didn't fit anymore. Rather than having someone tailor it, I decided to dress up my bare bed with what *could* possibly be a couture pillow with buttons I've saved from new apparel.

I don't recall ever sewing anything in my life, because I was intimidated by the sewing machine. I confess, even after I came up with the idea, it took three months to make because I was afraid to figure out how to thread the needle, etc. (Maybe because of how complicated I remember it being as a child.) Finally, after realizing that fear was nonsensical, I lifted the cover off of the machine, whipped out the instruction manual, followed it step-by-step, and am pleased to say I threaded the (damn) thing very nicely. I felt quite accomplished!

Bit by bit, I undid many stitches, even while they were shouting, "but I save nine!" and realized just how much of an art form sewing really is. It's a beautiful thing that I've taken for granted. This is probably because when I hear sewing I think of homemade jumpers.

While recycling my skirt, there was something in me that was born...or at least started to wake up and breathe...something that wanted more connection to items in general and possessions I'd have in the future. As my thoughts began to take form, so did my fabric.

I tried to measure the right amount of fabric, but this was haphazard, since I didn't have any type of measuring device; still, it turned out fairly decent! I finished the piece with buttons I'd collected from articles of clothing I previously bought.

Reflecting on that experience, I realized that I loved zoning out and using my hands to create something new from something old. It's definitely my first sewing project: the lines were crooked, a button was sewn on the wrong side, and there are random strings hanging here and there, but it's a pillow made with my hands and heart...and quite possibly the softest and spunkiest pillow to date!

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