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Death in the Arms of Grace
Death in the Arms of Grace
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Grace of an Artist
enigma of grace
enigma of grace
Amazing Sweetness of Grace
Amazing Sweetness of Grace
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
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This is my first song on the ukulele. The idea behind this song was inspired by Milan Kundera's novel The Unbearable Lightness of Being. One of the main themes of the novel is this idea of lightness versus heaviness in all aspects of life, particularly in relationships.


I saw an image of you in a puddle
It drizzles right down from the sky to the pavement
Filling in the cracks of this vacant lot
And I'm not really sure if it means anything but these boots they were made for splashing around and
I'm into the middle of you and I'm out of my mind
I'm out of my mind

I tied a balloon to my wrist at the fair
'cause I thought i would try out a little more lightness
Compensating for the weight of us

Of us, us, us

All of the zombies inside of my head
Joined with all of the monsters underneath your bed
And they try, they try, they try to eat us alive
Well this pendulum swing is all that we've got now
And as far as I know we're gonna ride it out
So let them chase, they chase the best of us

Of us, us, us

Tide's so unforgiving
When we run aground
Please, love, won't you forgive me?
While you and me, we wait this out

Don't stay, don't stay away tonight
Don't move, don't move your eyes
Don't stay, don't stay away tonight

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