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My Sister, the Music Teacher
Amazing Sweetness of Grace
Amazing Sweetness of Grace
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
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i designed this inaugural SpeakEasyBOOKS flyer to present the intention and tone for the book club i co-founded this winter with my darling friend devin in LA.

the two of us determined recently that without some sort of structure to the way we create time and space for expressing ourselves creatively and pursuing our personal passions, work-aholism has an extremely high likelihood of taking over entirely...

SO, we decided that in order to accomplish our mutual goal of both bonding with and attracting more wonderful women into our circle of friends and fun, we would start a book club...of course the additional benefit of simultaneously expanding the ratio of books read to books un-read on our shelves was a bonus!

AND, after many months of further structuring to make time to plan more structured planning, and re/stating our intentions a number of times, we succeeded! was a huge success, read#2 is in a few weeks...may the easy-speech be sustainable!

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