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A Reflection on Fire-Engine Red Hair
A Reflection on Fire-Engine Red Hair
The Blowfishy's Last Laugh by Eduardo del Rio
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Today, I stopped in midfloss
And leaned in close to the mirror
Clutching the burritoed white hotel terry towel closed
With one hand and dangling my floss from the other hand
And you know, I leaned in real close
Was that really me?
The girl with cropped fire engine-red hair
Foregrounded against wet beige bathroom tiles?
She stood motionless, appraising me with earth-colored eyes
And I watched beads of water at damp strand-ends plummet
To collide into collarbones
Only the sensation of droplets snaking down my shoulders
And the way her left hand mirrored the arc of my right hand
When I moved to push a strand behind an ear
Confirmed that I was staring at my reflection, not an unknown
But what happened to my cascading brown curls?
Did I really trade them in for stop-light hair a month ago?
Strange how I stood in an unfamiliar room
Hardly able to recognize myself in the mirror
Reflecting on how time sweeps along, changing everything
Just as inevitably as gravity
Drew beads of water down my legs
Inspired by:Hair Dye, Angst
A moment spent being floored by how things change. Written in a hotel the night before I ran my second marathon.

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