Inspired by: Reconciliation
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Featured: Nov 28, 2008
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Inspired by:Obama, Reconciliation
I was in Berlin to see Obama speak this past summer. I think what I loved most was, not just being 15 feet away (a result of 8 hours in line and a mad dash at the end once the gates opened...), nor the beer and bratwurst, but hearing him speak to a European audience. Hearing and witnessing his attempts to outreach to our friends across the pond...was truly moving and inspiring!
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As we reflect on a yammy Thanksgiving, we think most would agree that we can be thankful for the possibility for a new and better direction in our country and the world. Jessica's picture of Obama's Berlin Speech Poster is indicative that the world is indeed hungry for change. Here's to everyone's health and happiness. And to a more connected, peaceful world. At Backlight, we're thankful for your creativity and love. --Brad

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