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The Sunrise
New Day
Father and Son Wait
Sunrise on the Salt Flats of Bolivia
Sunrise over San Francisco
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Jonathan and I celebrated our first year of dating a couple of Sundays ago. Because it was also Easter, we got up with some friends to watch the sunrise. Seeing the morning awake, stretching out its arms, calling forth the creatures, making it dark no more was really powerful and caused me to wonder in amazement. "This happens EVERY morning...!" I thought. It was almost as if a spell had been broken. Creatures are alive! The birds sing! The morning has come!

I painted The Sunrise because a year of togetherness with Jonathan has been just as dynamic. Light has stretched its arms into our darker areas, calling all of ourselves to live and fully function, beckoning us to be better than we currently are, while loving us just the same. As I reflect about who I was a year ago compared with the person I am today, I'm aware that I have a lot more growing to do, but I am thankful that I am much more of an 'alive' person today than before. I think Jonathan would say the same thing about his personal growth...and together, we are that much more alive...and together, we are working on becoming even more alive.

An additional note on the painting...about the water and land: I do feel that adventure lies ahead. We've crossed an ocean and see new land ahead. I think we're both curious as to what that 'land' is.

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