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The Dance
100% Dance
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I love this painting. Not every one that I create do I love in this way. It's a bit hard to describe (probably best depicted through the feeling of the painting) but let me try. There is a story here which is told through understanding the location of the couple, the floor, and the space that they're moving into (and has always been around them).

The couple in the left part of the painting is dancing. They have been dancing for a while as seen by the light brush strokes to the near left of them. As I quickly created the woman and man, I was focused on their embrace. Their hold for each other was pretty indescribable. The heart that resulted was never intended. With each stroke whipping across the canvas, the heart soon became apparent as their bind was reinforced. Like the heart becoming visible in the painting, so their love began to be evident between each other, growing out of pain, confusion, despair mixed with a tug of love and openness in their heart.

This initial angst is shown by the blacker area on the "floor." It symbolizes the darkness that does (and still can) invade a relationship and "conquer" love by extinguishing the good and heightening the despair.

In the upper right hand corner of the The Dance, there is a force that has always prevailed in the relationship, a force of Love. This love isn't squishy and moldable to their desires, but rather, calls them to a greater good on how TO love. As the couple moves across the dance floor, they encounter all feelings in life, with the omnipresent Love that abounds, holding each other more passionately and richly.

This is also a story of the relationship between Jonathan and me. Experiencing the love Jonathan and I have for each other (and having felt the darkness before while simultaneously experiencing the Love between and around us) has made our embrace richer with time. As we continue to "hold" one another in life, there is a lightness of heart that is taking our eyes off of our feet and into the eyes of the other...letting us dance through time and space with a beautiful grace.

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