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I like that this site is a place where you can say what you really think and feel and people will not judge you negatively for it... I tend to live my life that way but unfortunately the world is a lot harsher than we'd all like and you do get judged for everything. I believe in being open, honest, intense, genuine, kind, generous, silly, fun, active, creative and nurturing. That's all I can think of right now...
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gloomy day at the beach
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Opposing sides
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Leigh's Backdrop What is this?
Why? its cold and refreshing, goes with almost anything, and its good for you!
Why? it represents so many important things like life, growth, health, the earth, the environment, science, plants. etc.etc.etc.
Why? I know I am an intense person, probably 90% of the people asked would use that as one of their top 3 words to describe me... intense is good in a lot of situations in life, and I think it makes people more interesting when they are intense about something, or everything, but sometimes the intensity can be overwhelming and being able to just mellow is important too, and a good skill to have.
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Unitarymatrix said: (on Nov 28, 2008)
Love your BackBrite Leigh! I was so uninspired when doing mine...
Erin Weston said: (on Nov 24, 2008)
i like your many trees--the backbrite is fabulous!
Leigh Baxt said: (on Nov 13, 2008)
yes, I like milk better- its just more satisfying to drink. Although you will not find me drinking a big bottle of milk at the gym. hahaha.
Brad Wolfe said: (on Nov 7, 2008)
milk more than agua?
Caleb Cargle said: (on Oct 22, 2008)
I like your tree!
Brad Wolfe said: (on Oct 19, 2008)
would you like to go to an intensity management workshop with me?
Leigh's BackBrite: "fall tree"
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fall tree

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