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A Psalm of Dave
A Psalm of Dave
Azaleas and more
Jacaranda in Valle de Ángeles
Dew and orchids
'Luna catracha'
Beautiful woman contemplating beautiful garden
Church tower in Comayagüela
Colonnade, La Bufa, Zacatecas
A sow's ear?
Old and new in Antigua
Pretty wife, pretty daughter, pretty flowers
Pascuas Felices
Dave's Backdrop What is this?
Why: Just because. I especially like it when my partner is wise in the 'Entertainment' category.
Why? The redemptive analogies there are terrific.
Why? I am always looking at something from a different angle, whether I think much of it or not.
Why? Scenery, family, memories, trout fishing...
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Dave Oltrogge said: (on Nov 11, 2008)
Well, I guess some people really do read these things! :-)
Erin Weston said: (on Nov 11, 2008)
Mozart's Requiem gets you fired up? Impressive.
Jonathan Lipps said: (on Nov 11, 2008)
Hi Grandpa, welcome to Backlight! I enjoyed reading your responses to some questions. My favorite answers of yours were "Classical Latin" and "Glome"
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